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VivoLab® - Usability

The VivoLab® Workstation was designed with a focus on a smooth, familiar and natural workflow that is easy to use and intuitive. It achieves this with a simple pen interface and an easily accesible user interface that is unlike any other medical imaging product on the market today. By using technology in a more user-friendly way, VivoLab allows medical professionals to be far more efficient and to concentrate on diagnosis, not on technology.

Pen Interaction: As easy as writing a letter.

This is why Digital Medics decided to integrate high resolution displays from Wacom, while using a penabled display from Wacom. This allows the health-care professional to work with medical images in the most natural way possible -- by drawing directly on the image, rather than fumbling with a mouse or clumsy trackball. Tracing, navigating and measuring complex structures directly on the display is now possible by simply using a pen -- as easily as drawing on paper.

Touch strip

While manipulating images directly on the screen, the physician can navigate through a series of images using the touch strip located on the edge of the display -- thus the user's attention can remain completely focused on the images. Additional buttons beneath the strips offer quick access to frequently used context-sensitive functions.

This pen and monitor tablet interaction system is far more natural and intuitive than existing user interfaces, which tend to rely on cumbersome tools such as trackballs or mice, which distract the user from the actual task. By using a pen, the tool becomes a part of the process, not a distraction from it.

Interface Design: Feel right at home.

Toolbox (click to enlarge)

The philosophy behind the VivoLab Workstation is to find simple, elegant solutions to complex problems. This philosophy is reflected by the simple and clean user interface: patient information is clearly visible at all times, while non-essential details of the powerful VivoLab tools are hidden by the toolbox.

VivoLab uses familiar user interface paradigms, which have been established by common desktop applications. It also uses a pen-enhanced interaction method to offer the physician a smooth, natural and productive workflow.

The result is a breakthrough in user friendliness and ease of use. Users with little prior computer experience can immediately begin using this tool with a minimum of training -- while even power users profit from the familiar, yet streamlined environment.

See VivoLab in action

You can see some images of VivoLab in action on the gallery page.

Purchasing information

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