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VivoLab - CAD

The VivoLab® Workstation takes a new approach to computer-aided diagnosis (CAD). It separates inexpensive viewing tools from expensive CAD applications by making viewing products easier to use. It also combines this basic functionality with state-of-the-art CAD features. This unique combination of functionality supplemented by the ability to handle multi-modal data translates directly into a faster workflow.

The VivoLab Workstation's many supported features allow the physician to use a single application in a multi-modal environment. With VivoLab, the workflow can be centered around diagnosis -- and not around managing a range of various (and often incompatible) IT devices.

VivoLab's CAD features include the following:

MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection)

FastVox, the high-performance volume visualization module seamlessly integrated into VivoLab, is capable of displaying medical volumetric datasets in "Maximum Intensity Projection" mode, which is well-suited for visualizing blood vessels. Thanks to GPU acceleration, in MIP mode data can be displayed and visualized in real time just as in FastVox's shaded and MPR modes.

MPR (Multiplanar Reformation)

VivoLab offers the multiplanar reconstruction module FastVox/MPR, which allows the user to superimpose views onto the data along arbitrary axes. The axes are calculated by the underlying FastVox volume renderer at high speed. When used in "thick-slab" mode, the final image is computed from the defined slab in either "Maximum Intensity Projection" or "X-Ray" mode -- which turns FastVox/MPR into a flexible tool for the examination of medical datasets.

Quick information access

The information gathered by VivoLab's analysis tools are made accessible with a simple and intuitive user interface. Usability studies have shown that this quick access to needed information translates into significantly reduced time-to-diagnosis: The health-care professional can concentrate on interpretation of results, rather than struggling with archaic or unclear user interface paradigms.

Segmentation tools

True interactivity is important in the development of segmentation tools at Digital Medics. For the first time, integration into the daily clinical routine is possible. The high-performance implementation of segmentation algorithms allows the user to interact with the whole segmentation process -- essential when aiming at optimal results.

...and more

These are just a few highlights from the many powerful features that VivoLab® offers you. To find out more about what VivoLab can do for you, read about its performance and usability, or contact our sales department.

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