Time is of the essence in a highly competitive environment. Thus Digital Medics offers you its expertise in volume visualization and imaging applications. At Digital Medics, we have a team of expert developers who are specialists in seamless integration of FastVox into third-party products.

A volume visualization API such as FastVox offers easy access to a wealth of functionality. Nevertheless, our profound knowledge of volume rendering helps you to maximize efficiency during the integration of the renderer into generic applications, and is the best way to leverage the API's functionality into your application.

Particular advantages for you

Concentrate on what's important

Your time savings will help you concentrate on your end-user application's functionality.


Thanks to our thorough understanding of the API, the risk of bugs creeping into your application is greatly reduced -- and your time to market is reduced as well. With Digital Medics, you get the competitive edge!

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Take advantage of the power and speed of FastVox by relying on the people who designed it. Find out how by contacting our sales department at sales@digitalmedics.de, and a sales representative will contact you as soon as possible.