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FastVox is a state of the art volume rendering API with outstanding image quality and acceleration features that take advantage of today's hardware. These features include GPU, SSE and hand-tuned assembly language optimizations, resulting in one of the fastest implementations available on the market.

FastVox is built on top of OpenGL®, the leading industry standard for high performance 3D computer graphics. A new feature of the 2.0 engine are the GLSL-based pixel shaders which perform all volume rendering computations exclusively on the GPU.

A key-feature of FastVox is the clean and simple API. This API enables developers to quickly integrate FastVox into third-party applications.

In contrast to other volume renderers, FastVox also supports features specially suited for use in the medical field. Features like Multiplanar Reformation and Maximum Intensity Projection are supported and made readily accessible through its simple API.


You can download a free version for non-commercial use only on the download page.


Starting at version 2.0, FastVox includes a licensing system which requires a valid license in order to be fully functional. Of course, the free version of FastVox does not require you to purchase a license, however you still need to fill out a license application form in order to retrieve a valid license for the free edition.

After applying for a license, it is sent to you by e-mail usually within a couple of hours. In case you are tired of being contacted by sales persons just because you once applied for a free license, we can assure you that we do not have enough time to do that, unless of course you want to be contacted. In the latter case you will however have to write an e-mail to our sales department.

Full version

If you wish to find out more about the commercial version of FastVox, please visit our FastVox product page.


You can also see a gallery of images and screenshots from FastVox on its product page.

Consulting services

Digital Medics also offers its expertise in programming and optimizing volume rendering software with FastVox. Take advantage of the power and speed of FastVox by relying on the people who designed it. Find out how by contacting our sales department at sales@digitalmedics.de, and a sales representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Already developing with FastVox?

Drop us a line, and we'll put your project on our upcoming "FastVox projects" page. Whether you are working in the academic field or developing end user products, we are always interested in seeing how FastVox is used. Tell us about your project at mycoolproject@digitalmedics.de.